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What is AskMaxon?
Is AskMaxon Right for You?
Why Maxon?


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What is AskMaxon?
  • AskMaxon is your personal health insurance advisor – helping you get answers to your questions fast, regardless of carrier.

  • AskMaxon advisors can save you time and help you avoid the frustration of looped telephone prompts and still NOT getting your questions answered.

  • AskMaxon experienced health insurance advisors, are trained and backed by The Maxon Companies, a leading medical plan administrator with over 5 decades of experience in health insurance benefits and customer service.

Ask NowIs AskMaxon Right for You?

  • AskMaxon translates your health benefits so you can understand them.

  • Regardless of your carrier, AskMaxon helps you understand your health benefits and can be your advocate.

  • AskMaxon enables you to take the action you need to ensure that you and your family get the maximum care that you are entitled to.

  • Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:
    • How does my prescription drug card work? What medications are covered?
    • I have received bills from my doctor and hospital, but I do not understand them.  Why am I being billed?
    • I have been offered COBRA from my previous employer.  How does that work?
    • What is an HMO, EPO, POS, PPO or HSA?
    • Can you help me complete this health insurance application?
    • I need assistance in filing an out-of-network claim.
    • I don’t understand Medicare Part D.  Can you help?
    • I have been told to follow pre-certification rules or I will be penalized.  How do I do that?
    • How does the out of network portion of my plan work?

If any of these questions sounds familiar, we would like to help you!  AskMaxon offers these services as a reliable, affordable and valuable resource with no long-term commitments.

No longer will you have to sacrifice your valuable time and energy waiting on the phone to get a question answered.


Why Maxon?

Because Maxon knows the health insurance industry. Maxon has been involved with the health insurance industry for over 50 years, selling and administering group medical programs, and working directly with major insurance providers and with numerous self-funded plans. As a “third party” administrator, Maxon provides claim administration services and managed care services, and employs over 35 claim professionals. That’s why Maxon is able to understand and explain the intricacies of health insurance programs, and why we can answer your questions about claim handling. Maxon has been providing these services to its group clients for many years, and is now offering its expertise to the general public.

Let your concerns be our concerns.  Let us help you.


AskMaxon offers these reasonable rates:
$24.99/15 min   •   $39.99/30 min   •   $74.99/hr
Let AskMaxon be your personal health benefits advisor!

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