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Get Started NowAskMaxon was very helpful to me. They got me the health insurance I needed very badly. They answered all my questions real fast. Plus they processed my paperwork real fast. I just want to thank you very much for everything you did for me! 

Chris M.

I am delighted to write this testimonial about Maxon and their AskMaxon service.  I have found everyone at Maxon to be professional as well as extremely knowledgeable regarding all spectrums of the health insurance world. They get the job done!  I am dealing with a Cobra issue and have spent countless hours on hold as well as online attempting to obtain information to no avail.  AskMaxon has taken the hassle out of my hands and that is an enormous savings of my time and energy.  They have the skills and I’m so grateful to know they will do the research and help me find the next best insurance option for me once Cobra runs out. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. 

Thank you Maxon!
Lynne Goldberg, MCC


Health insurance is a confusing business. When I found out my son was cut off from my benefit package because he graduated college, I turned to AskMaxon for help. They responded immediately and gave me the information and direction I needed. Now my son is covered again, thanks to AskMaxon.

-Harv H.
Kingston, NY

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